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Running Down A Dream: May 2010

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zzzzzz Running Down A Dream: May 2010

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Running Down A Dream: May 2010

Running Down A Dream

Monday, May 31, 2010

Tramp Stamp!

We made it home!!! Ahhh. Another weekend of playing and beachin' it up down in PCB. We ate at our favorite McCalister's in Dothan Alabama - where they recognize us!!! WE always stop there and last time the manager got a cd from us. Man, he's done his research :) Never been to a show, but knew all about 'em!

As promised... here's some of the pics from the last night in PCB.

Looks like we may not even need to get those temporary tattoos!

What happens in PCB stays in PCB... well... and my blog. :)

YAY! Lyndsey and her giant group of fun peeps that kept the dance party happening all night long!

And Beth Beighey opened up the show. She is a fantastic singer who lives in PCB. We've known each other for a while, but last night was the first time I got to hear her sing live. She's been working for a while at being able to do music full time. And now she is!!! She told me last night that she's now officially a poor musician and she couldn't be happier. I KNOW THE FEELING GIRLFRIEND!!! SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Can't wait to play another show with her. She did some of my favorite's but, she makes them all her own and so fun to listen to. She had the WHOLE place singing along and got em amped up for our show!

Peace. Love. Fiddle.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Difference

Well... I can't seem to get Internet service right now... So I'm gonna
have to blog the old fashioned way :). Email through my phone!

We had a great show tonight. I can't wait to share the pics - signing
body parts, stickers on people's backsides... It was pretty awesome.

But even though the show was excellent and we had a crowd that would
sing so loud I could hear them over my in ears - My favorite part of
the day was still this afternoon at the beach.

The group next to us was living it up! They had a gorgeous sea shell
that they set right on the water's edge. Attached was a clear fishing
line. As people would walk by and see this beautiful shell, they would
bend down and try to pick it up. As they leaned down, the guy would
yank the fishing line and put it just out of reach. Watching people's
reactions was like watching candid camera. Everyone was so different.
But most figured it out right away and immediately started laughing.
Mamma said it was "right on the edge" for her - she's not into
practical jokes. But the main thing was that everyone seemed to laugh
at themselves or the situation and think it was funny, too. :)

I usually don't have or make the time to go down to the beach while we
are here. But my voice has been holding up like a champion this round
- even though I'm VERY thankful I dont have sing tomorrow night.

But there have been a lot of differences this trip - the show itself,
the way I let people speak to me. It's all a growing experience. And
one that I embrace!

Peace. Love. Fiddle.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just Call him HAIR

In case you were wondering...

This is how rockstars eat. On the floor behind the Subs onstage...

We're all sitting on the couches in the band house. David keeps falling asleep (it is 4:51am right now) and Miguel keeps saying REALLY LOUDLY, "Hey David! You're sleeping"

David wakes up every time long enough to say, "Yeah. I know" and then goes back to sleep.

Oh these boys. They keep me laughing. :) They got in an ice cube fight last night... and the puddles of water in the kitchen a few hours later were mostly mopped up by my feet and the pant legs of Panther's jeans.

I think my favorite story from tonight:
Panther went up to the bar to get a drink. He started a tab, but he didn't give the bar tender a card or introduce himself. (We're the band... they know we'll be there all night!) So the guy just called him "HAIR". That was the name written on his receipt later when he went up to pay.

I just think that is excellent. Don't know Panther's name? No worries. Just call him, "Hair" :)

Yay! So many cute girls out tonight!
Our friends Brittany and Deanna came out!

Thanks for my Peace. Love. Fiddle. Drawing!

Peace. Love. Fiddle.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

I Look Like A....

Best quote of the night. (And already added to my favorites)

This guy at the bar asked if I was in the band because he had just walked in.

He said, "You're so sparkly. You look like a holiday."

:) I LOOK LIKE A HOLIDAY! So awesome.

Thanks George!

We had a pretty rough day. Lots of hours of trying to work out kinks that had nothing to do with us... and there just didn't seem to be anyone who could help us.

But learning how to deal with unexpected problems on the fly and even in front of an audience is all good lessons in grace and patience.

And in the end after running into walls and actually being a bit distracted because of it during the show - the night still ended up wonderful! Mamma and Daddy came down for the weekend, and we met lots of new friends that will hopefully get to come to the shows the next few nights!

Peace. Love. Fiddle.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Best Sandwich Ever

At Liza's Kitchen in Panama City Beach. Seriously.

Moment of Silence

You know what I miss?

The Moment of Silence that happened every day at school during announcements.

When it was put in my day for me, I feel like in general I gave a lot more thanks, asked for more forgiveness, and prayed more for those that needed it.

It's just like anything... you blog every day... your mind builds the muscle that looks for what to blog about each day.

You write music... you look at the world in new ways and try to observe it in ways that would be more meaningful and/or prolific in a song.

You pray for those that need it, you give thanks on a daily basis, you put positive vibes out there - it all generates MORE thoughts of prayer, good vibes, and thankfulness.

It makes doing that more present and conscious... more at the forefront of your thinking... more living in the moment.

I do all of these things daily. I pray, I write, I blog. But I wish I did more. Recently I realized that writing had gotten away from me. But why? No reason other than I wasn't spending time being PRESENT in music. But since I have noticed that, I have made a much more conscious effort to make sure I am being more thoughtful about the things that happen around me.

I'm going to instill the daily "Moment of Silence" back into my life. I'd be ok if it lasted much longer than a moment, though. At least on most days.

Psalm 19:14
"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock, my Redeemer."

Peace. Love. Fiddle.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ADORABLE!!! Just Had to Share

Ok, so I'll continue with adorable kid vids. :) I saw this the other day though, and was glued to the screen the whole time! I can't get over how this little one (Dillon Dixon's little boy - fantastic Nashville songwriter/Berklee alum) sings and "plays" guitar perfectly with Randy Houser!

He was actually featured in the music video... and you'll see why!

This may just be me... but I think we need to get Drake Dixon and "Pearl" - Will Ferrell's Landlord to collaborate! :)

Link for facebookers ;)


Peace. Love. Fiddle.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How To Check Out Someone Without Them Noticing

This is a video of one of my best friend's (Deranda) little girl (Darcy) when she notices a couple sitting down in the booth next to her in a restaurant. She doesn't want them to know she's watching them, so she gets pretty sneaky about it. All the while not breaking stride with her chewing. ;)

Deranda also posted a very sweet blog about our show in Memphis on her website. :)

You can see pics and the blog at

Peace. Love. Fiddle.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

And You Thought Flare Was Just For Fun

I did not know just how useful my pieces of flare were until today. I thought they were fun - buttons to put on your bags, backpacks, etc... bracelets for well, your wrist, and stickers for anything that needs sticking.

You know... this kind of thing

HOW WRONG WAS I!?!?!? There is SOOOO much more that can be done.

Pieces of flare can be used for...

A moustache

Toe rings...

Hoop Earrings

Or regular earrings:

Ankel Bracelet (Look at those legs!!! My sister's a trainer... can you tell?!?!?)


A Pony Tail Holder

A Halloween Costume... Minnie Mouse!

GLASSES!!! Look at how cute Granny looks!!!

Watch out James! A sling shot!

Then the girls really started to get creative. When you put the bracelets together - the sky is the limit!!!

A Choker

A Head Band

More of the crown headband

A Puppy leash!!! (It was actually an excellent leash)

A Jump rope

Limbo Pole

My favorite! The ROPE climb!

A belt

A scarf

A Picture Frame

So as you can tell... we had a GREAT day today with Granny at the Lake House. And WHO KNEW we'd find so many uses for flare! I just thought it was fun to have around. But it turns out, it is quite practical. ;)

Peace. Love. Fiddles. And Flare.


What Grows in My Car When I'm Out On The Road

The things I try DESPERATELY to keep alive... NOPE. No chance. Not even Granny's care and green thumb have helped.

Yet somehow... plants are growing in places where I don't WANT them to grow - places that should be virtually impossible for life to thrive. The deep dark inside passenger door of my parked Suburban. It's been sitting there basically since Mid-March when we left for the last leg of the tour.

Three little sprouting beauties in the back there...

Seriously... look at how beautiful these things are. I should show you the pic of the tree I just had to throw out... it was mostly brown.

What is the Universe trying to tell me with this one?

Peace. Love. and Green Sprouting Fiddles.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

We Got a Re-Do!!!

It's a year later... but we actually got to PLAY today at the Millington Naval Support Station today right outside of Memphis. Last year, it was completely rained out and we stood in the POURING rain with tarps strapped to our gear. One of those - beautiful sky days that without a warning turns into BAM!! IMMEDIATE CUBE OF RAIN.

But this year it was GORGEOUS!!!

Highlights included that Cinnamon got to come along :) Miguel was BACK as my right hand man. (It's so weird when he's not immediately to my right!) Pieces of Flare were flyin, my parents got to come out, one of my best friends, Deranda, and her family got to come, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!

They were telling us that the count is over 100 homes lost on base due to the flooding a few weeks ago. It's just devastating to hear the stories of loss. But everyone that I know and have talked to that lost substantial amounts in the flood all say the same thing. "It's just stuff" People that got picked up out of their homes by boats, somehow still have such a positive outlook on everything. It sure helps put things into perspective. :) A perspective that I always want to gain more of!

"Whatever It Takes" felt really good tonight. I try not to call too many slow/mid-tempo songs, for fear of the audience losing interest with the non-toe-tappers. But Lord! I may need to rethink that. It may not be the one that's gonna get heads bobbin, or feet stompin. But I have plenty of those. Ahh... the ever evolving set list and feelings ABOUT the setlist. :) Tis the life of an artist!

BOB!!! Bob's the one who hired us to play (last year and this year) And he was the last to leave even though he shouldn't have had to do any work today. Happy Birthday!!! Bob's granddaughter, and Mamma and Daddy :)

Caleb, Deranda, and Darcy!!!

Thanks y'all!!

Today was such a fun and relaxed show! It was so nice to just drive up and back - it's 3am and we're almost home! Amazing.

Peace. Love. Fiddle.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Darkness Falls... and the Uptown Girls Creep Out

This morning I got up with "Thriller" in my head.

That's not surprising. HUGE Michael Jackson fan, here. Was studying the lyrics to it yesterday.

But here's where I try to explain my weird brain...

At the very end where Vincent Price is narrating (At around the 5:13 mark) there's a weird flexitone/synth thing happening - it sounds like the effect that is always used for ghosts... or a wobbly saw. :) The first 7 notes of that melody in the background of his narration sound like the "Whoa's" after the chorus in Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl".

That's how "Uptown Girl" was stuck in my head for the majority of the day.

Tonight I have "Chasin That Neon Rainbow" by Alan Jackson in my head.

That one's because I saw a rainbow earlier. :)

What you got in your head?

Peace. Love. and Fiddle.



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let It Flow

I had one of those frustrating days where I worked all day long, and feel like I accomplished nothing. I worked on a bunch of songs that I have only partially completed. And I REALLY wanted to get something finished. But it just wasn't in the cards for today. I'm not the kind of writer that usually finishes things quickly. So I remind myself of that. But as we work more and have less and less time for things like friends and family and writing and pursuing the ultimate big picture goals... I feel more pressure to finish things in the limited times I can find to work on them.

I used to write ALL the time. I had all kinds of time in the car driving between Nashville and Columbia. Now, I have to change the way I do things a bit. There's so little time to write on the road, that I try to pack it all in when I am home. Maybe one day, when we have a driver, I'll be able to sit in the back and relax, but right now that just isn't an option! It's good for us, though. None of the superstars I look up to got to where they are easily. I don't really know what the "easy road" would be. But that's what makes it fun ;)

I was pretty frustrated with myself earlier. And my lack of time. But I have to remember to take a deep breath. Visualize what it is I DO want. What kind of music I want to share with the world, and let it flow through me. I know it's deep down in there. It just gets buried underneath silly things that I SHOULDN'T EVER focus on.

People ask me all the time at shows, "Where do you want to be?" "What's next?" People seem quite fascinated when they realize that I tour constantly, yet have no record deal. There aren't a ton of us out there! At least in the country world. I really just want to keep doing exactly what I am doing right now. On a bigger and bigger level of course- I just want the opportunity to share my music with millions.

One at a time, baby!

Now it's time to go pray, visualize, and ponder what exactly it is that I do want to share with you all.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for listening. Thank you for believing in me. I am doing my best to make you ALL proud to be a part of Team Stovall.

Peace. Love. Fiddle.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yay!!! It's so fun having all these things coming in that we have
talked about for so long. Tonight I added 5 new "Pieces of Flare" to
the arsenal. I LOVE the Peace Love Fiddle button. Who knows... Maybe
there's a temporary tattoo in the works :)

Peace. Love. Fiddle.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Official!!!

My first Peace, Love, Fiddle stickers and bracelets!!! I am so
excited! What great presents to come home to. :)

Sleeping in my own bed for the first time in a looooong time tonight.
Pretty stoked about that one. Snuggle time with Cinnamon, here I come!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Didn't go exactly as planned