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Running Down A Dream: September 2008

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zzzzzz Running Down A Dream: September 2008

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Running Down A Dream: September 2008

Running Down A Dream

Monday, September 29, 2008

My song REALLY IS in a movie!!!!

Autographing my first 4 copies of Bag Boy :)

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Day off in Dallas

Can I just say that I love my band? Cause I do. Even though they made fun of me the whole way home in the Suburban.... I was laughing so hard I was crying though, so I really can't complain....

We had a really good day off today in Dallas, which was very nice after a bit of a rough evening last night.
We hung out with Randy Peterson - our friend from "Beach TV" in Panama City this evening. We filmed a couple little interview spots with him at a studio in Dallas today and then his friends threw a big BBQ for us tonight, and ummm yeah... it was pretty delicious. They gave me all the left over cookies and brownies at the end of the night so I pretty much think they will be my best friends for life. :)

Notice the glow around my hair.... you know it's big when there's a haze coming off of it....

PS Happy Birthday Boyd!!!!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


My fate is that way. Apparently, it is a little under construction.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't Stop Believin

A little view from the drums of how awesome it is to play Spinnaker and have everyone singing along...

The only thing cooler is when they sing along like this to MY songs. But none of my songs start without the drums...
I should probably work on that.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


There's usually quite a bit of military at our shows at Spinnaker. This time there were a whole bunch of Navy Divers. The first night they were all there celebrating Wally's Bachelor party. All the guys were dressed in Captain's hats, sports coats, shorts, and some had pipes :) They were quite a sight and you just knew there was a story behind it. At first I thought it was a fraternity rushing.... but no, it was "Walter's Bachelor Party" :) They had rules written on his shirt that he had to accomplish for the night. They were all dancing and partying in front of the stage, and on my set break, they asked if I would make up a rule for him. :)

Rule: pick up a fiddle player.

And check.

The next set, they kept putting this water bottle up on my monitor and then taking pictures of me with it.... I was pretty confused, but then they told me that it was the water bottle for their "Class". They are supposed to take pics of all the random places they take it and at the end of their training, they'll do a big montage of the places it's been.

Here's the whole crew, in all their glory - including the one really cute girl that is also a navy diver:

The next night they actually had an auction with all the guys and 1 gal to raise money for gear for dive school. It was hilarious. I don't know that I have ever seen men be auctioned off before, but as you can imagine.... the ladies were going crazy at the club. One of the bar tenders wanted to bid, but she couldn't since she was working... So she gave me money and I went and bid for her!!! :) 

I'm not gonna lie. It was pretty fun.

Goodness, it was such a fun weekend. This couple came that had seen us about a year ago at Spinnaker - Billy Ray aka "Biggun" and Tonya - came back and Billy Ray bought a XXL Peace Love Fiddle shirt. That boy immediately put it on and was showing off all night. He was really proud of it - and so was I!!!!!

Spinnaker is always a good time. How could it not be with all this craziness??? Funny thing is - this is about par for our shows there. It is ALWAYS wild. There were a few bachelorette parties, and even a wedding reception - the bride and groom got up on stage and danced while we played "Let's Get It On". 

But seriously? I just love any place where on my set break, I get to go get a breath of fresh air by letting the waves of the ocean wash over my toes. Yeah. That's awesome....

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Tour Diary #1

James recently found this little camera he had bought a while back, so we took some video of one of the last road trips :)
We played Spinnaker Beach club in Panama City for 2 nights and then had to drive through the night to get to Elizabeth City NC to play for the Coast Guard. It was awesome. And after this one, we have decided to do a LOT more video blogging. :)

Hope you enjoy Tour Diary #1!!!!!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Land of the Palmetto

I love Charleston! These girls did the cutest dance to "Devil Went
Down to Georgia"! It was quite impressive - they were all in heels and
had this whole thing choreographed. The bar was a lot of fun tonight -
especially for a Wednesday night. Martin Mcdaniel is filling in for
Miguel all weekend. (Miguel is in a wedding this weekend) We hadn't
actually met Martin until we picked him up this morning :) And we just
talked through the sets and songs in the car on our way down here
today. Welcome to Nashville musicians!! It's really amazing that
someone can just jump into a group he's never played with and play 3
full hours of music with them. Come to think of it, we've never done a
show with someone without at least one rehearsal! Man, my first couple
of bands - we would rehearse for months before we ever had a show.
It's amazing how far we've come simply by playing all the time.

I'm looking forward to Hilton Head tomorrow. :) Maybe we'll get to see
the beach this time. Ooo, I want to go back to the Piggly Wiggly with
hammocks out front. That's the best.

peace, love, fiddle y'all

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The cookie man was late

So we played at St. Joeseph's University last night in Philly. They
had this awesome idea to advertise the show inside fortune cookies,
which I think is so adorable & creative. Problem: the cookie man
didn't get them done until right before the show. So everyone ate
cookies all night advertising the event we were already attending :)
It was a really cool show. Alexandra McHale opened the show and she
was hilarious. If you don't know her by name, I bet you'd recognize
her. She does Vh1 shows & Comedy Central. She closed out her set with
a story about John Mayer asking her when "the baby was due" when she
was not pregnant. Yeah. Ouch. But somehow she made that really funny!!
Not sure how....
Mayda A. Del Valle, a beautiful spoken word artist, who's been on tour
with HBO in Russell Simmons' Def Poetry went next. I am amazed with
poets. For someone without a beat or music to take JUST words and
string them together in a way that sounds so musical... What an art
form. That girl had me in the palm of her hands with her poetry - well
that is until a spider came down from the ceiling and nearly scared
Hootie out of his chair. :)- he survived though.
And then we went on and had so much fun! The audience was up and
dancing and of course the spider came back and nearly scared these 2
girls out of the room. But we ended the night with pizzas, Philly
cheesesteaks, and lots of fortune cookies. :)

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Sunset in PA

Just a little driver's seat shot :) It is amazing how quickly one can
adapt to things. When we first started going on the road - it seemed
to take SOOO long to get everywhere. Today, 6 hours went by and I
thought it had been maybe 2. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Whoa. This is crazy!!!! This is on the front page of NACA's website!
That was right after being in the ER and right before the infamous
"accident". Our trailer is still quite gimply, but as long as we
close her off with a big ole belt strap, we can get the door shut :)
She just needs a little help....

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